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Residing In: Bridgewater, MA USA
Occupation: Life
Children: none
Yes! Attending Reunion

My life since High School (for those bored enough to read it):
-Went to Bates College. Became a drunk.
-Flunked out of Bates College.
-Continued practicing my drinking skills in Western MA.
-Talked my way back into Bates, and barely graduated with a BA in Physics.
-Worked stock for Sears.
-Went on vacation to FL. Quit Sears and moved to FL. Worked at Universal Studios.
-Poor and on collection agencies' hit lists, moved back to MA.
-Worked at Brigham's.
-Got laid off (or was that fired?) and moved back to FL. Lived at a hotel on the beach on Singer Island. Worked at a Roadhouse.
-Poorer and on more hit lists, moved back to MA.
-Did MS support.
-Had a bad car accident.
-Decided to go back to school so moved to Phoenix area. Never went back to school.
-Worked at Barnes & Noble. Worked tech support for UPS and Marlborough (never made it beyond training on either). Did temp work. Became a travel agent, then started help developing an online booking engine. Did some traveling. Got a DUI. Joined a "cult". Became their webmaster.
-Web Team moved to Sedona. Too rich for my blood so back to MA.
-Web Team asked me back to Sedona and made it possible. Went there and somewhere along the way got myself debt free (and asset free too).
-Decided to become a international "volunteer". Found out how expensive "volunteering" is. Became a bit disgusted with the world.
-Decided to become a hermit. Chose my parent's attic as my cave. Back to MA.
-Got tired of being a hermit. Joined FB. Tried to escape the attic a couple of times, but found I had lost whatever social skills I ever had. And I still haven't gotten my license back (do to me being a bum, and having to deal with bureaucracy in TWO states).
-Dad diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Since he is retired, the health care "system" abandoned him. So staying in the attic to help dad and mom until certain financial options start working for them.
-Currently working as a Lifeguard, Swim Instructor and a seasonal Kayak "Instructor/ Guide".
-Going to reunion (maybe).

There's a bit more, but I left out the less boring parts.

The story continues:
-Went to reunion. Had an interesting time.
-Back to "normal" life such as it is.
-Went to Fantasy Fest in Key West. Bets were being taken on if i would return...
-Came back an had a heart attack. And here we are at the present...

A little more:
-Attempted to hike the Appalachian Trail
-Made it only about halfway (though a detour to Ohio made it take a couple of years. Unless you want to hear a story involving wishful thinking, a malignant narcissist and a few sociopaths ... don't ask)
-Somehow ended up with a very smart and very stubborn dog.
-Spend my life keeping said dog happy ...

School Story:

I am pretty sure I went to school. That's about all I can guarantee.

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