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Yes! Attending Reunion

Writing a novel about a hermit I met in 1985. Some of you were there. Yes, Plymouth MA a week after Live Aid. Big party with kegs of soda pop! We lost the Chicken Shack that night. Billy tipped it over in the bog. (Rather extra bubbly soda pop). Met the hermit. Ended up meeting the dawn with guitars, harmonica, and old Stones songs played on the top of the Shack.

School Story:

When New England came to play. When Mr. Bent ran into the black metal door to prove he was just a spray of atoms. When mr Paul almost found the second to last digit of Pi. Marching down to City Hall. My best friend Billy and his "Chicken Shack" 62 Dodge van. (Miss you dearly) Mr Oden's painting lesson, "There is no black, there is no white in art." My spec 20 "A" harp that I kicked across the overpass and still could spit boogie Mayall. My journals and not missing one day!! Ah Mr. Hughes for being so stand up, Miss Murphy for the hippie sit down and for Mr. Willis for never shutting the hell up! Ice rink stench, Marciano bench, and the lone custodian left in the rain hitting his knee with a monkey wrench. Creme soda rugs, primary color houses, Brains, jocks, and drugs. Hey, Miss Knight for letting me play for her "Seconds" by the Human League. For getting lost at the front of the front door and later found by the back of the back door. And all the moments inbetween, glad I lived and lived there with all of you.

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Kenneth Kasica has a birthday today.
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Kenneth Kasica has a birthday today.
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Kenneth Kasica has a birthday today.
Jun 01, 2016 at 4:33 AM
Kenneth Kasica has a birthday today.
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